2 HD Ag FAQs

Q:  Is pot legal?

A:  Yes it is!! At least in Oregon.  Rejoice.

Q:  Where can I find 2 HD Ag weed?

A:  We are in the process of creating partnerships with our local dispensaries and will have a list for you in December 2016.

Q:  If we are visiting Oregon, can we take our weed home to another state?

A:  Nope, not yet.  But hopefully soon.

Q:  What is the difference between medical and recreational marijuana?

A:  Both marijuana catagories are available at your local dispensaries, you just have to let them know if you have a medical card or not.  Medical cards are issued to patients that have symptoms that have been known to respond to marijuana.  These patients receive the same weed choices as recreational users but do not pay Oregon taxes on the medicine that they buy.  Recreational users do not need a medical card to purchase weed and they do pay the tax imposed by the State of Oregon.

Q:  Why should I buy 2 HD Ag’s weed?

A:  We are a group of very compassionate farmers with YEARS of experience growing top notch cannabis.  We understand what you are looking for from your weed and we deliver it in the carefully selected strains that we grow in our greenhouses in Bend.  We do not use harmful chemicals to grow our weed and our plants are grown in the most advanced greenhouses available.  Our passion is in rebirthing the earth with healthy plants and happy people.  Or vice versa.