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In an expected move from the US Drug Enforcement Agency, Cannabis will not be rescheduled and will remain in the company of Heroin, Cocaine and Ecstacy as a Schedule 1 Narcotic.  Siting the lack of scientific evidence that proves its efficacy, DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg said in a public statement:

“This decision isn’t based on danger. This decision is based on whether marijuana, as determined by the FDA, is a safe and effective medicine,” he said, “and it’s not.”

Let’s look at the FDA’s record for a moment, shall we?  Oxycodone, Oxy Contin, Glysophate, Meridia, Crestore, Accutane, Bextra, Serevent, VIOXX, all OK but connected to thousands of deaths.  Cannabis?  Not one death.  As long as we continue to group food and drugs together, we will undoubtedly continue to nemedical-marijuana-cartoon-cures-1ed both.

Here in Oregon, we are leading the country in progressive uses to cure and contain serious illnesses using cannabis, in particular cannabidiols (CBDs).  Clearly the FDA needs to move at a snail’s pace to deschedule cannabis and make it available for victims of epilepsy, chronic pain disorder, PTSD, Arthritis, Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.  It will be interesting to see the lawyer’s have a field day with the delay, and it will be heartbreaking to think of how many beautiful lives will be lost during said delay.